Karen Snodgrass


“I had a mole removed by a dermatologist and didn’t think much of it, but a few days later it came back as melanoma skin cancer. I had further tissue removed and tested by a skin cancer doctor, and luckily, it was just on the surface. This was my warning not to tan anymore by the sun or tanning beds. I was ok not being tan all winter/spring, but when summer came and I had to pull out the shorts, tank tops and bubba-bathing suits, I dreaded putting the summer clothes on without being tan.

At my age,and 40 something-year-old sun-damaged skin, I feel so much better, thinner, younger, etc. being tan, as most of us do. I was dreading summer. Then someone told me about the Infinity Sun airbrush tans, so I tried one and got hooked right away. I was leery at first, as I had never had a spray tan before. I could not believe how the technician evenly tanned me an awesome, natural looking bronze color, as if I had just come from a vacation at the beach. People were shocked that it was a “fake” tan. I immediately felt better about wearing my summer clothes, bubba-bathing suit, etc. So, I looked into starting this business with Infinity Sun, the “Mercedes Benz of the spray tans”, and got really excited to have a business of my own where I can make people feel better about themselves and hopefully prevent a skin cancer diagnosis like mine.

I think we all feel better and look healthy when we are tan, but as we all know and keep hearing more and more every year, tans from ultraviolet rays are not healthy at all. Hopefully you will try my airbrush tans and like them as much as I did! (and do!)

P.S. I have had a lot of practice and even went to Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood to spray tan school to learn the spraying technique by a professional.”

Give it a try! Happy, healthy tanning!