Both native Pittsburghers, co-owners Susie Gamble and Caryn Cordero’s commitment to serving the Steel Valley has been rooted by a strong sense of family and long list of faithful clientele. Susie took Caryn, an inspiring salon owner, under her wing as she saw the potential of the hard working teen. Their relationship quickly progressed from one of mentorship to one of partnership. With Susie’s business savvy and Caryn’s determination it was the next natural step for each to take the leap & open a larger salon together. Studio West Salon was born!

Studio West has all the elements befitting the area’s newest and hottest salon, yet still possesses a welcoming and family oriented vibe. People of all ages and all walks of life bump elbows in the modern and family friendly salon. The whole team goes the extra mile to make everyone feel beautiful, stylish, and perfectly at home!

Susie and Caryn take great pride in surrounding themselves with the best of local talent and expertise. We are family here and we encourage you to get what you need from any of our many talented staff. We work together as a team everyday to make sure every client has an amazing experience!